Beth Sachs

Beth Sachs



Education: BA in Environmental Design & Fine Arts, Antioch College

Employment: Founder, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation

Qualifications: Beth Sachs has been in the field of sustainable energy — energy efficiency and renewable energy — for 40 years.  She co-founded the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation, a mission-driven, nonprofit organization that provides energy policy, design, management, and implementation services to clients around the world.  VEIC’s largest initiative is delivering the services of Efficiency Vermont, which it has been doing since 2000. From VEIC’s creation in 1986 until 2008, she served as its executive director, with overall responsibility for all aspects of the health of the organization: planning, finance, advocacy, marketing, and culture.  She continues to work at VEIC in the role of founder, working on a variety of activities, including organizational culture, social responsibility, workforce development, and low-income energy issues.  She serves on the boards of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility and Vermont Works for Women.