Steve Knowlton

Stephen Knowlton

Volunteer Science Advisor

Education: PhD in Physics, MIT

Employment: retired researcher and physics professor

Qualifications: Stephen spent his working life as a researcher in the science of alternative energy and a physics professor, recently retired from Auburn University. He also led a federally-supported experimental fusion energy research laboratory comprised of students, post-docs, technicians, and staff scientists.  Stephen has worked with a student in U-32’s Branching Out program on the topic of electronics, served on and chaired many committees at Auburn, involving research, hiring, campus life, and faculty governance, and been active in scientific outreach activities, numerous scientific program reviews and advisory panels at the request of the Department of Energy.  For eight years, he played a leadership role in the University Fusion Association, and he has recently completed a term on the Executive Committee of the American Physical Society, Division of Plasma Physics.